MS-13 Gang in Cade’s Rebellion Strikes Close to Home

Published March 18, 2018

In Cade’s Rebellion, a Latino gang, affiliated with MS-13, terrorizes the neighborhood where Cade lives in northern Virginia outside of Washington, DC.  If you don’t already know, MS-13 is shorthand for Mara Salvatrucha, and is widely considered the most violent street gang in America.

But how realistic is it that such a violent gang could operate in such close proximity to the capital of the free world?

As it turns out, very realistic. And very near to a neighborhood where I grew up.

You see, my family moved to Hyattsville, a Maryland suburb just over the district line from DC—-a mile or two from Langley Park. I used to go to the movies in Langley Park, and later, while in high school, hung out at the local drive-in Hot Shoppes restaurant, looking for car loads of girls from other nearby schools.

But the “Happy Days” version of Langley Park of my high school years is a far cry from what is going on there today.  Today, Langley Park is a viper’s nest of MS-13 drug dealing, prostitution, robbery, extortion, and murder.

MS-13 has established a similar presence in the northern Virginia suburbs—the setting for Cade’s Rebellion.

Attached below is a link to an article from the Washington Post, December 20, 2017 about MS-13 gang activities in the Langley Park area. 

People here live in fear: MS-13 menaces a community seven miles from the White House.