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Edward, Why Aren't You Playing Anywhere?

For a number of years, as is often the case with "seasoned" guitar players, my arthritic hands have hampered me. Two years ago I had the right hand repaired with a surgery called "basal joint arthroplasty." (You can google it, which is much easier than my explanation.) It was a great success, and as a result, last year I was able to complete the CD so many had asked for over the years. There was a sense of urgency, to finish, though, since by the fall it was evident that my LEFT hand was going fast as well. By Christmas time I couldn't even hold the guitar so it was time to put my trust in the surgeon again.

After several delays, I had the surgery on March 29. Though more extensive than the last time, I began therapy this week and expect a FULL recovery by late summer. I'm in great hands and will be fine--just need to put in the work.

I had hoped to be playing a lot this summer to promote "Putting the Past to Pasture" but that's clearly not happening. I just cannot in conscience commit to dates only to break them if I'm not ready to play. Social media has helped move the CD's, but can only do so patience is needed. Rest assured that when I do crank up the microphone and plug in the amp again, it'll be with a batch of new songs and a full appreciation for the wonderful folks who have enjoyed the old ones. To put it another way, "No longer wounded, I'll walk out again."

Love, Edward

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