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Kevin Jones

My CD, "Putting the Past to Pasture, credits two "producers"-- yours truly, and Washington Island's own Kevin Jones.

My initial experience recording "Proverbs Three Five" for the TPAC-sponsored "Hold the Boat" CD in Kevin's studio gave me the courage to commit to the current project. So I gathered all the talented players and, one by one, got them into the studio (except for the remote bass of the incredible August Sheehy,b and also Sean Shiel's mandolin) and Kevin patiently recorded, mixed, and balanced the whole shebang. But it was more than that...he was an active participant, not only with timely suggestions and ideas but adding all the percussive elements. His voice was heard and heeded often when we made aesthetic decisions. When all the puzzle pieces were on the table, Kevin waved his magic wand and polished it all into a project I'll always be proud of. The only steadfast rule was that we couldn't work during Wally's nap!

I can't thank Kevin enough for his patience over the past year. And I would sincerely tell anyone who wants to record that he should be on a short list of professionals who can help you create your dream.

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